We have tried to make the ordering process as easy and seamless as possible to make it a breeze to place an order with us.

Once you are on the product of your choice you will see a few different options that will be item specific, it is very self explanatory in regards to the item you are looking at and will be apparent to the item on your screen (for example) Tshirt will have options such as Print area, colour, size, amount and a image upload box for your artwork.

Once you have filled all of the product specific information out you can access your basket and then checkout.

All shipping and Billing information will be required along with payment options of which you can select from.

Then it's simple as sitting back and relaxing because you have done your bit we will take care of the rest.

Be sure to check all shipping times / production times prior to ordering to ensure you are happy and can comply with these times given, you will find all item specific shipping times on the listing you are looking to order so you do not have to go searching for that information.

You will receive tracking for your items via email confirmation once the production has come to an end and you are able to track that, be sure to read our delivery policies if you are unsure alternatively if you require any more assistance please email us - hello@nwpw.co.uk