We need the highest resolution you can possibly obtain and send through to us for the best quality outcome, all our listings have artwork upload boxes, size guides and artwork specifications on them to follow and work with, If the artwork isn't good enough once uploaded a member of our production team will contact you to inform you that there is a problem with the artwork.

If you are struggling with getting your artwork at a higher resolution maybe redesigning is always an option? This is something we are able to offer you as a service at an additional cost, if you require this please contact us on email for further information hello@nwpw.co.uk

We highly advise that you send the best quality designs / images for the most optimum outcome of your product(s)

We highly advise that you send the best quality designs / images to us as this will get the best out of your custom product(s).

Please read on the products listings "Artworks Guides" As there are different sizes for each product with bleed areas to take into account that we require. 

All Artwork before print is checked before hand, you will only be contacted by a member of our team if there is a issue with your artwork.

General Artwork guide lines we recommend are
  • Set your colour mode as CMYK
  • Use high resolution images (at least 300dpi)
  • Embed or flatten your fonts