Triangle Puzzle Sunstrip Matt Black

Triangle Puzzle Sunstrip Matt Black

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We are ever growing adventurous with our sunstrips and always looking to change the norm and make something unique.

This is one of our latest! a series of interlocking triangles different shapes and sizes to create this crazy looking unique sunstrip gives great reflections inside the vehicle and blocks the gaps are so small that the sun never breaks through or shines in your eyes.

This triangles on this sunstrip are added to a transparent grey strip so it saves any pain it could cause you in the future when you want to possibly take it off.
A whole sheet of application tape comes with the strip also to help with the fitting so you do not catch at damage the triangles when squeegeeing the water from the application fluid out.

If you would prefer an alternative colour please specify in the notes section 


60" x 12" (Clear strip section)
56"10" (Triangles section size) 

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